Saturday, August 29, 2009


it will always be there after the rain and storm
Bucik, dont try and make your sad face, we know!
abah, solatiang agama :)





Thursday, August 27, 2009

always like this

You'd say,
"Don't worry about
Bowser or DK" Why?
Because I'd always worry
And you'd always know
When you look at me
And I turn my face away to pretend like I care about the outside people
You'd always try to concentrate on driving
And I wont say a word
You'd never know until I begin to look like I am about to cry
But I still manage to look as if I dont even bother about it
You'd stop at any palm station just to get your favourite sour Mentos
And I will cry my heart out in the car and stop when you come


You be my princess
And I'll be your toad
I'll follow behind you
On rainbow road
Protect you from red shells
Wherever we go
I promise.

No one will touch us
If we pick up a star
And if you spin out
You can ride in my car
When we slide together
We generate sparks
In our wheels and our hearts

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let's go again

The blue shell is coming
So I'll go ahead
If you hang behind
It'll hit me instead
But never look back
Cause I'm down but not dead
I'll catch up to you

Don't worry about
Bowser or DK
Just eat this glowing mushroom
And they'll all fade away

The finish line
Is just around the bend
I'll pause this game
So our love will never end
Let's go again

To the mushroom cup
And the flower cup
And the star cup
And the reverse cup

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Alee sygg,

CONGRATS on your new career!

You know, besides cooking your sambal nasi lemak (Goshh I miss that)
and baking your famous amos/choc peanut butter cookies that taste soo SEDAPs,

you can actually do your THINGGGGG
Hahaha you will do just fine
In fact, you'd do GREAT there

In the office, with the people/colleagues
(Lets just hope there'll be some GOOD LOOKING or HOT lads for you to cuci mata, of course not now its Ramadhan :) )
Be patient, Suhana!

Don't you worry,
Everything's gonna be okay
First few weeks will be quite rough
But, after that?
Just a piece of CAKE
Those weeks? They wont kill :)

I syg you jugak lah banyak-banyak
Like what? Like hujan gula-gula

I am allowed to laugh? No?

Above everything,

Is she not allowed to laugh?
She is allowed to laugh!

Can't she at least be transparent?
As Sue May has all the colours of emotion

LOL, people
Just do not bother what strangers have to say about it
After all, it is your laughter that makes you feel good about you,
and OTHERS as well

So, just laugh your a** off, ( err just don't do that in certain situations yea)
because I can feel great every time you laugh

Just so you know,
because of you, people will feel good too!
Try FRIENDS, you wont regret it :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Acikus endang!


when we were kids, we used to play hide and seek or to make it more real, pondok-pondok or galah panjang (that was with the next door boys)

when I was 12 and you were urmm, 8? I was busy preparing for the big exam (at that time) and you were panicking about your PE baju and track bottom

when I felt stupid, you were always there, to pretend like we were that bimbos
when I felt like a geek, you were always supportive (sometimes, you were a real one!)

when I was having the second big exam, we were separated physically but God knows you were always always by my side (in the phone)
when I had my demams, you were sebok-ing yourself with the panadols and you know what lah

so there you go, everything that passes my mind at this moment of writing,
you will be great, and everything will be just fine

happy cupcakes for you!

People, I know cakes can kill you
But heyy cupcakes wont do any harm!

Just lemme know if you think you feel happy when you see those up there okay?

Just so you know,
those drawings on top, are cheese, as in CHEESE toppings yea :))



i miss these smiles

i think they know, deep down we miss each other every now and then
time tells everything
everything that you wouldnt even want to think about
however, we still have each other's back
no matter where we'll be
no matter how old we grow
regardless of the amount of lines on your face

i will still miss those smiles of yours
bekk: dun mengade and cry. will always call
azq: dun freak me out. stay cool!
frace: sorry i couldnt find the best photo of us but u are always the right one
atiey: stay there. hold on ya

syg you to bits

Monday, August 24, 2009

for a change

can i say smthing out of nothing? i really have to write this down. hungry people are angry people. i understand, totally. this is Ramadhan, the fasting month for Muslims all over the world. i do know that when we are in this good month, everything is expected to be good. even bad things others want them to change. for a change, could we please not to force things? really, this is just my two cents of the issue of forcing power. when we grow up, we are given alot of responsibilities. yet, some of us or many of us, they use the responsibilities as a way of using their power. power is a totally different noun already. do they bother? no. NO. as simple as ABC. why? you will not get the answers simply because they just dont give a damn about it. its Ramadhan for God sake. please have the courtesy to speak very nicely with people. some people you dont haf any idea like 'who are you to me?' but still just be decent and nice and polite for once. try and keep on TRYING. give your best. ibu said, during fasting month, everybody is very hungry therefore everybody is pissed off at almost everything. GREAT. then, what is the point of 'menahan diri dari segala lapar dan dahaga'? what happen to that statement? definition of terms, mind you. i am just stating my inconvenience towards some people who really act pelik during Ramadhan. i, for a change want to become good, or at least better than last year. fine, last year i was away, thus this is it. the chance to be better for myself and others. please, i beg you dun force people and try to use a better language okay? make a promise to yourself, for a change

those were the days

I miss you. I miss all of you actually. You dont wanna believe me, up to you because sometimes I dont really trust people that I dont really know you see. But, really, I dont really bother if you dont wanna listen or read any of these craps.

Just so you know, I miss this. Above.

Happy Happy after Happy

I feel good today. I feel so much better compared to yesterday. I had enough dose of sleep for my mind. (and pheww emotions) When I woke up today, I feel much much better. Like yesterday was just a small small small day that I usually didnt pay much attention to. Yesterday, quite a number of good music have been playing in my head. But, today, Waktu Yang Tepat Untuk Berpisah by SO7 remains here. Here I am referring to my medium size brain and, yeah probably heart as well. I feel that I am soo much appreciated by somebody.

That somebody is the first ever, follower of my Happy Gy Gee. I might not know the others who as well follow this Happy stuff of mine but heyy, unless you are telling me publicly i wouldnt know right? So people out there, IF i repeat IF ever you think you are following this, just tell me straight okay? You may be the happiest person on earth for the day you tell me about it ya? :)

That somebody,
I appreciate the thoughtful-ness that comes from you, within. I know we've been friends since God knows when but heyyyy I miss you too budyy! You were always there when I was somewhere overseas and needed guidance and just somebody to talk to, kan? Thanks for the time spent to layan all my craps. I know you very well even though we dont really jumpa that much. However, some people said how many times you jumpa anyone doesnt say anything about the quality of anything as well. So we might not see each other that often but what the heck? Nobody cares, but as long as we care for each other that would make a difference. At least in my life.

The rest,
its okay if you are not a fan of blogs. Dont you worry bcause, me neither. I was never one before but I mmg loveee to write whatever I feel at the moment of speaking/writing, yeah. So, just remember one thing for sure, (im just sharing okay) IT IS NEVER TOO LATE FOR ANYTHING.

p/s: Another someone has been searching for me since morning up till now. Good for you. Keep on the attitude. Me likeyyyyyyyy haha dun worry, I sayang you to bits :)


You are the best idol in the whole wide world. Believe me.
I syg you to bits! :)

Congrats. You know better

Rumate love,

its been a while since we last really sat down and talked like always
whenever i woke up from my sleeps, id walk like a zombie wearing my pink stars stockings just to get you
u remember during last winter that i told you
'you know what,my mom is just like you
and you are just like my mom'
i am sorry if that offended you in any way
but honestly (from my bottom heart), i really take you as my mom
whenever I feel like crying (yeahh you know me, such a baby) you'd be there
just to listen and HUG
you are such a hugger, comforter/Marjon duvet :)
afterall, you are still my roomate
the best roomate ive ever had
be it in Msia/UK,
you are to me the best roomate in the small world of mine

I just missed you. Call me if you happen to read this

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Its the thoughts that count

dear angels,

i may sound cheesy but it is true. its always the thoughts that count. for some reason, many of us believe in that statement. who came up with it? God knows.

come to think again, thoughts are just thoughts. at times, they are being exposed. sometimes, they are remained inside. where? your small brain.

its the thoughts that make you feel appreciated. be it your family members, your ex boyfriends/girlfriends or your own dogs. dogs can think, mind you.

somehow or rather, it is all coming back to you, yourself. how you bring your words/opinions/two cents about anything in this entire world. it is all on you. your count.

some people cook. not many people use combination of numbers. half of the class shouts. most of us talk and 3/4 of them write.

so, it is all up to you. big enough to decide? again, it is just my two cents. have yours.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Current facial expression: :)

Current mood: touched

How many did you love before me?


And after me?


Current mood: curious

Why be capable of feelings if were not to have them?

Why long for things if theyre not meant to be ours?

just some words from my thoughts

Current mood: hopeful
Category: Romance and Relationships

everytime i feel pink,

its yu that im thinking,

everytime i feel pink,

ill try to put a smile eventho inside,im badly crying,

everytime i feel pink,

for yu inside, im singing,

everytime i feel pink,

with the birds, in my heart ill be humming,

everytime i feel pink,

i can feel ur hands around me hugging,

everytime i feel pink,

its you that i wish im kissing,

its you, its you and its you whom ill be needing,

ur my everything, ur my something,

u give me meaning,

da nite yu let me go without a ring,

i cudnt stop crying, i cudnt even stop staring,

and for that im still hoping,

for yu, for yu and for yu my darling,

and everytime i feel pink,

its yu that im missing and its for yu that i keep on breathing.


Current mood: calm

if love was a bird then we wudnt haf wings

if love was a choir u and i cud never sing

coz love isnt for me and u

if love was an oscar u and i cud never win

coz we can never act out our parts

so why dun u go ur way, ill go mine

live ur life and i live mine

baby u do well and ill be fine

coz we are better of separated




Google yourself: A Fine Frenzy; Almost Lovers.


Category: Life
it took me minutes to think of the category of this first i put it under romance/relationship but i think it best comes under life. it has been a while since i last wrote here eh. just been occupied with things/uni stuffs. by the way, i had such a great summer this year. even better than last one i could say. met loads of new and such wonderful places and also people. but not everything goes in my way i guess. its always like this. the pain is back. the same one. even the same reason. it hurt really when u tried to open a page to a new chapter but somehow the words just dont come out right? its there but it doesnt flow. just under the introduction seems interesting and fun but when it comes to chapter 1, it lose its dynamic? i tried to find the problem but i never could. i failed. until one day. i was hoping the day would be a fine day, but too bad it was not mine. it turned out to be her day. infact, to be worse, their day. at first, i was just confused but i keep on thinking the positive way? for thousand times i kept on telling myself, no suemay, this wasnt the right signal. ur going too far this time. so i keep on hoping. until today, actually it felt wrong for the whole day. with the fever, running nose and bad cough (thanks to them), i found out the truth. even though it was never been mentioned clearly but hey, suemay do not be stupid. do not repeat the same mistake. all over again. not anymore. not this time. ur done believing in the false rainbow. that wasnt a rainbow suemay. its just a light of fake spectrum that came from a mirror the person was playing with. not a real one, suemay. wake up! a second ago, it really hits me. thanks to facebook. no wonder i had this strong instinct to check my facebook account. once i saw it, it came true. it really hit me on the face. teary eyes. suddenly it hurt. i didnt know why im feeling this. i am not supposed to feel this way because i have kept reminding myself about this. this heartache to be exact. this kinda heartache was actually predictabled but i cant understand why there is this side of me saying that y not? y not give it a chance? it might be a real one. there might be a real rainbow, if not now perhaps at the end of this? there isnt any this suemay. wake up again. there was never this. stop dreaming and hoping! u have never given up havent u? STOP. please someone make me stop. make me realise that this is all not real. maybe partly it is my fault. to get carried away when i have actually warned myself not to play with fire. i thought i could handle this better this time. but no. not even close. screw you suemay. ur are bluffed, again. HA HA big laugh for suemay. good job suemay. when will it really stop? tell me, suemay

Happy Gy Gee: Come on. Grow up,please?

You probably been wondering or cracking your brain up, (your brain might be as small as a cherry but heyy,focus!) what the heck is this Happy Gy Gee means.

Sometimes, life is funny yet colourful. Not many of us would think that rainbow is funny. However, I do think life is a bit hilarious at times.

Therefore, I am trying to put my 2 cents here. Believe it or not, Happy means not crying and probably laughing my ass off and Gy Gee simply refers to how lunatic/Geeky I can be in Grammar.

As for that, here it goes, the same old saying;

If you have a lemon, make a lemonade please, everyone?
If you had not noticed, yet or still, I am trying my luck here. Here is a wide spacious room full with conspiracies and politics. However, to me here is the perfect place to put the words and sentences together to make a statement. The statement which nobody even bother to spell it right.

Yes, it is mostly true about what people say. No words can describe anything. But, trust me, anything can be changed with just a word spelled.

Lie down, focus on your breathing and HAVE A LOT OF FUN, here.