Friday, September 11, 2009

be patient

its cool to know that atleast i have 2 followers. Thats officially made me a blogger yeyyy kudos to me! I knowwwww i used to not getting the point of having one and now i am the doing it for the sake of nobody but myself.i just wanna let u guys know that i am so glad to know that u would spend ur precious time and energy just to read one of my two cents in life.I just wanna advise myself as a human being with loads and loads of unevitable mistakes,i must know how to learn to be as patient as i could with everythg.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i am learning you

I am learning you and you. I hope you can work with me as to tell me your hopes, fears and allergies. I think i cant handle them if i wudnt prepare myself for such thgy. I am sorry for not writing as often as before. I started working so yeah, hectic again. But this morning when i was driving, i listened to a song and it reminded me of me. I did not learn you before. I was quite rushing on things and you knew this was coming, didnt you? You were really good for waiting and kept on waiting, for this. It is now very clear to me that waiting is a pain in the ass but trust me, its worth all the time spent. If you want smthg that bad, then wait and act. You will get that smthg once the time comes