Tuesday, June 1, 2010

one of a kind down, a zillion to go :)

morning breakfast with her at 4am. any mamaks wud do. extra money and feeling blue, MCD.
lunch usually combined with dinner with her at any malls could buy us some great food, oh we are girls with big mouth that needs big and tasty food, always. we believe in food is heaven.
evening came, we hit the gym, say it Celebrity or Fitness First, either one would do for us to let the mobile phone unattended for at least 4 hours straight. CF, if she wanted to see any hot Bangsarians, Fitness First if I wanted to cuci mata with Hartamas-ians :)
later at nite, both, checked the mobile, surely we would have loads of invitations. ha ha not to go any where formal but LEPAK! yeyy!
we hit shower for at least an hour, picked up clothes from the locker, applied some light Nina Ricci and her, Salvatore Ferragamore.
Ready to go, we conquered the highway, name it, Kesas, Federal or anywhere depending on the Lepak location.
usually, hartamas wins. oh gosh, sometimes Asia Cafe. just some few drinks and some lawak bodoh from the guys and gossip doses from the girls, it hit us to home.
gossips or confessions on the way home and the continuation led us to sleep on bed or sometimes, if it we got excited, under the comforter! heyyy its a girl thing!

no more breakfast with her in any mamaks at 4am. she needs to be with her hubby
no more lunch combined with dinner with her at any malls, she needs to cook for him
no more gyms and cuci mata at Hartamas or even Bangsar
no more lepak rituals and lawak bodoh sessions and gelak hentak2 meja with her since she needs to spend quality time with her big boss in the house
no more gossips under the comforter until we fell asleep like nobody's business

cuzzy, u know i am soo happy and proud for u for doing this first! we know either one of us shud set the first foot. and u did!

despite everythg, i am gonna miss u, everythg weve been thru together. throw away all the stupidity we have had coz i know we are who we are and im glad we made it until now. so, to the future, may the force be with us. thank you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

i love you, monkey

heyyow dudes and duddettes. i am currently stuck in Fraces' place in taman stephens, penampang KOTA KINABALU. yessssssss its SABAH yeyyy. haha i think here is quite silent yet busy as compared to KL. she (fraces) is staying with another 3 beautiful and brainy ladies from Petronas too. they are friendly and very VERY welcoming. thanks babes, that means you girls will definitely see my face again and again probably every weekend hahaha (oh they suggested a plan where involves me, giving tuition to the neighbourhood kiddos) ohh sounds likely to happen, not? its ok we'll see okay?

now that everybody is out for a team building program which i hope they are having FUN and i am still not yet showered, i am finding myself writing here, again. ah ha. i just had a 2 hours talking-session with him and it was kinda fun eventho i just woke up from bed and without brushing my teeth and washing my face, i straight away on-ed fraces' cute notebook to ym with him. yes he did call a few times as we actually promised to have this session at 6am? (yes, we are crazy people). we ended up ym-ing at 8am and stopped 2 hours after.

honestly, i syg him for who he is. he is caring yet ignorance sometimes. he is good looking yet at times, goofy looking. he is responsible yet irresponsible a few times. but on top of everythg, he is the coolest bf ever. he can calm me down when i am panicking over EVERYTHING and sometimes, NOTHING. haha so yeah, thanks for everything you've done for me. i appreciate those time and energy spent, yes on me.

now that we are apart, again, by distance and time (an hour), i am sure we can do this. i can, you can. so, here for another 4 years of not seeing each other every effing day of our lives. we survived 2 years being away from one another kan? we would just do the same now :)

lets just hope for brighter days ahead :) and of course,
i love you monkey

Monday, January 11, 2010

new new new

okay i miss u girls too! theyve been calling me since the last hols asking how was everything (like girls do, alot yes) i am now moving to a new phase which involves more boys, money needed, patience, absolutely and last but not least, language introduced.

i am currently staying in one of the pegawai ppd's places and its called Kg Pimping. cool uh? its a good place once i saw one Shell at the first junction to the kampung. that isnt so bad is it? so basically, i am new in this area i suppose with loads and loads of new stuffs like eating payau curyy oh yeahhhh payau here means rusa. hey that was my first encounter with deers' meat? and whatdaya call it anyway? haha bad teacher suemay

last but not least, thanks a bunch for the people i love most whom made it to the airport at 430am in the morn (and its a working day) i was seriously touched.

and yea, its not easy for me either. urmmm its just that..


take care ok people. see u back in i dont know when :)

p/s: to convent girls, pls read more! i love u guys too

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


so yeah, the photo is quite old but heck, people dont really mind, do they? so, i have been pampering myself with a cup of mango passion fruit blended for hours (still not finished) so i cud get online with my sweetest baby sister but yeah, time kills. everytime.

i happened to be reading acik's writing and it is kinda saying something to me. the fact that she is kinda missing home and family and yada yada back in malaysia when she is cooling in europe, i think what goes around will always comes around. dont u agree?

5 years back, i was the one who wrote the same exact thy in my blog and now, acik is doing it? angah? not so as he is a guy no offense but being a guy kinda limits the way some people express feelings and opinion, for that matter. the point here is, i really think that whatever that comes to my mind now, may come to urs later, maybe tomorrow. we never know.

isnt it brilliant? its magical. its perfect and its exciting. just to get the same thinking by 2 totally different people at a different time/place. just so u know, it doesnt run in the blood, okay. it happens, and of course to everyone, in this world. acik, just store this in ur long term memory, WE ALL LOVE YOU TO BITS, no matter what happens and what it takes. places, i mean europe! wont take our love away from u.

okay, enough. now, im going to just continue writing yadas. its been 3 days of being directly straight forward and yes, it kinda feel great though. u should try it peeps. its kinda healthy and easy. apparently, being truthful is something that is pure and honest, they say. therefore, im making a statement today,


p/s: angah, take care of urself. dun let the FORD do everythg for u. we miss u

Monday, December 7, 2009

okay, i will just go straight

okay, sorry peeps for not writing here more often as i did once before i was stuck with work and u know what. so basically, apologise for the inconveniece caused by lack of time and space and everything basically (and why am i repeating the word 'basically' twice?

so, apparently, i have this new principle in life. anyhoo, can we update the life principles? who said? from today onwards, i will try and be as straight/direct as i could and i wont hesitate to express my opinions and feelings towards anything.

okay, this is just a new principle that my influence the way i lead my life. (which ever, normal routines, love life, career thgy or etc)
apparently, (okay basically is gone, officially, here comes the apparently) i had some arguments that i really regretted having them as it would be awkward (soooooo freaking awkward) after

this. the fact that i am not being direct with some people, really bothers some people. so yeah, thanks to abah's lecture of having the guts to say NO to the 'some people'. in a nutshell (mind youuuuuuu), i need all the support in the world to be sooooo direct and straight forward so i wont hurt the some people anymore.

thanks lovely lively and bubbly grown ups

Saturday, October 10, 2009

roses! Yeyyyy vs yucks

for the first time (ever,mind you) in my whole life, i have never received a bouquet of fresh flowers (not the fake ones) hahahha until this very day, he, again, he bought me one! (i didnt paksa or anythg just dragged him along the walk) and you know when the guys holding some things for the gfs. Thanks a bunch! I heart u always. Always have, always will :) yeah u too munchers, and families

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


morning everybody! its a gloomy day but i know we are all gathered here happily! (in DKA) :) i want everybody to know that i really think that you look REALLY GREAT in your cool outfits (jealous huh! and not talking!)

so, there you go, same old saying,