Wednesday, December 9, 2009


so yeah, the photo is quite old but heck, people dont really mind, do they? so, i have been pampering myself with a cup of mango passion fruit blended for hours (still not finished) so i cud get online with my sweetest baby sister but yeah, time kills. everytime.

i happened to be reading acik's writing and it is kinda saying something to me. the fact that she is kinda missing home and family and yada yada back in malaysia when she is cooling in europe, i think what goes around will always comes around. dont u agree?

5 years back, i was the one who wrote the same exact thy in my blog and now, acik is doing it? angah? not so as he is a guy no offense but being a guy kinda limits the way some people express feelings and opinion, for that matter. the point here is, i really think that whatever that comes to my mind now, may come to urs later, maybe tomorrow. we never know.

isnt it brilliant? its magical. its perfect and its exciting. just to get the same thinking by 2 totally different people at a different time/place. just so u know, it doesnt run in the blood, okay. it happens, and of course to everyone, in this world. acik, just store this in ur long term memory, WE ALL LOVE YOU TO BITS, no matter what happens and what it takes. places, i mean europe! wont take our love away from u.

okay, enough. now, im going to just continue writing yadas. its been 3 days of being directly straight forward and yes, it kinda feel great though. u should try it peeps. its kinda healthy and easy. apparently, being truthful is something that is pure and honest, they say. therefore, im making a statement today,


p/s: angah, take care of urself. dun let the FORD do everythg for u. we miss u

Monday, December 7, 2009

okay, i will just go straight

okay, sorry peeps for not writing here more often as i did once before i was stuck with work and u know what. so basically, apologise for the inconveniece caused by lack of time and space and everything basically (and why am i repeating the word 'basically' twice?

so, apparently, i have this new principle in life. anyhoo, can we update the life principles? who said? from today onwards, i will try and be as straight/direct as i could and i wont hesitate to express my opinions and feelings towards anything.

okay, this is just a new principle that my influence the way i lead my life. (which ever, normal routines, love life, career thgy or etc)
apparently, (okay basically is gone, officially, here comes the apparently) i had some arguments that i really regretted having them as it would be awkward (soooooo freaking awkward) after

this. the fact that i am not being direct with some people, really bothers some people. so yeah, thanks to abah's lecture of having the guts to say NO to the 'some people'. in a nutshell (mind youuuuuuu), i need all the support in the world to be sooooo direct and straight forward so i wont hurt the some people anymore.

thanks lovely lively and bubbly grown ups