Tuesday, June 1, 2010

one of a kind down, a zillion to go :)

morning breakfast with her at 4am. any mamaks wud do. extra money and feeling blue, MCD.
lunch usually combined with dinner with her at any malls could buy us some great food, oh we are girls with big mouth that needs big and tasty food, always. we believe in food is heaven.
evening came, we hit the gym, say it Celebrity or Fitness First, either one would do for us to let the mobile phone unattended for at least 4 hours straight. CF, if she wanted to see any hot Bangsarians, Fitness First if I wanted to cuci mata with Hartamas-ians :)
later at nite, both, checked the mobile, surely we would have loads of invitations. ha ha not to go any where formal but LEPAK! yeyy!
we hit shower for at least an hour, picked up clothes from the locker, applied some light Nina Ricci and her, Salvatore Ferragamore.
Ready to go, we conquered the highway, name it, Kesas, Federal or anywhere depending on the Lepak location.
usually, hartamas wins. oh gosh, sometimes Asia Cafe. just some few drinks and some lawak bodoh from the guys and gossip doses from the girls, it hit us to home.
gossips or confessions on the way home and the continuation led us to sleep on bed or sometimes, if it we got excited, under the comforter! heyyy its a girl thing!

no more breakfast with her in any mamaks at 4am. she needs to be with her hubby
no more lunch combined with dinner with her at any malls, she needs to cook for him
no more gyms and cuci mata at Hartamas or even Bangsar
no more lepak rituals and lawak bodoh sessions and gelak hentak2 meja with her since she needs to spend quality time with her big boss in the house
no more gossips under the comforter until we fell asleep like nobody's business

cuzzy, u know i am soo happy and proud for u for doing this first! we know either one of us shud set the first foot. and u did!

despite everythg, i am gonna miss u, everythg weve been thru together. throw away all the stupidity we have had coz i know we are who we are and im glad we made it until now. so, to the future, may the force be with us. thank you.

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