Saturday, October 10, 2009

roses! Yeyyyy vs yucks

for the first time (ever,mind you) in my whole life, i have never received a bouquet of fresh flowers (not the fake ones) hahahha until this very day, he, again, he bought me one! (i didnt paksa or anythg just dragged him along the walk) and you know when the guys holding some things for the gfs. Thanks a bunch! I heart u always. Always have, always will :) yeah u too munchers, and families


  1. umeeyy tipu plz!! mase grad nite f5 takkan x dpt bouquet kotttt

    anyhooo uweettt nyee faliq!!im sooo happy to seee u happy babe!miss yuhhh!

  2. parents aku long term planning. diorg beli aku FAKE ONESSSSSS haha