Monday, January 11, 2010

new new new

okay i miss u girls too! theyve been calling me since the last hols asking how was everything (like girls do, alot yes) i am now moving to a new phase which involves more boys, money needed, patience, absolutely and last but not least, language introduced.

i am currently staying in one of the pegawai ppd's places and its called Kg Pimping. cool uh? its a good place once i saw one Shell at the first junction to the kampung. that isnt so bad is it? so basically, i am new in this area i suppose with loads and loads of new stuffs like eating payau curyy oh yeahhhh payau here means rusa. hey that was my first encounter with deers' meat? and whatdaya call it anyway? haha bad teacher suemay

last but not least, thanks a bunch for the people i love most whom made it to the airport at 430am in the morn (and its a working day) i was seriously touched.

and yea, its not easy for me either. urmmm its just that..


take care ok people. see u back in i dont know when :)

p/s: to convent girls, pls read more! i love u guys too

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