Friday, January 15, 2010

i love you, monkey

heyyow dudes and duddettes. i am currently stuck in Fraces' place in taman stephens, penampang KOTA KINABALU. yessssssss its SABAH yeyyy. haha i think here is quite silent yet busy as compared to KL. she (fraces) is staying with another 3 beautiful and brainy ladies from Petronas too. they are friendly and very VERY welcoming. thanks babes, that means you girls will definitely see my face again and again probably every weekend hahaha (oh they suggested a plan where involves me, giving tuition to the neighbourhood kiddos) ohh sounds likely to happen, not? its ok we'll see okay?

now that everybody is out for a team building program which i hope they are having FUN and i am still not yet showered, i am finding myself writing here, again. ah ha. i just had a 2 hours talking-session with him and it was kinda fun eventho i just woke up from bed and without brushing my teeth and washing my face, i straight away on-ed fraces' cute notebook to ym with him. yes he did call a few times as we actually promised to have this session at 6am? (yes, we are crazy people). we ended up ym-ing at 8am and stopped 2 hours after.

honestly, i syg him for who he is. he is caring yet ignorance sometimes. he is good looking yet at times, goofy looking. he is responsible yet irresponsible a few times. but on top of everythg, he is the coolest bf ever. he can calm me down when i am panicking over EVERYTHING and sometimes, NOTHING. haha so yeah, thanks for everything you've done for me. i appreciate those time and energy spent, yes on me.

now that we are apart, again, by distance and time (an hour), i am sure we can do this. i can, you can. so, here for another 4 years of not seeing each other every effing day of our lives. we survived 2 years being away from one another kan? we would just do the same now :)

lets just hope for brighter days ahead :) and of course,
i love you monkey

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