Monday, December 7, 2009

okay, i will just go straight

okay, sorry peeps for not writing here more often as i did once before i was stuck with work and u know what. so basically, apologise for the inconveniece caused by lack of time and space and everything basically (and why am i repeating the word 'basically' twice?

so, apparently, i have this new principle in life. anyhoo, can we update the life principles? who said? from today onwards, i will try and be as straight/direct as i could and i wont hesitate to express my opinions and feelings towards anything.

okay, this is just a new principle that my influence the way i lead my life. (which ever, normal routines, love life, career thgy or etc)
apparently, (okay basically is gone, officially, here comes the apparently) i had some arguments that i really regretted having them as it would be awkward (soooooo freaking awkward) after

this. the fact that i am not being direct with some people, really bothers some people. so yeah, thanks to abah's lecture of having the guts to say NO to the 'some people'. in a nutshell (mind youuuuuuu), i need all the support in the world to be sooooo direct and straight forward so i wont hurt the some people anymore.

thanks lovely lively and bubbly grown ups


  1. rje, pls lah. don just drop comments and leave. this isnt a starbucks place where u write some comments and throw the papers in the basket?